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Flamingos for Celebrations have been operating successfully in Perth for over 30 years. It is a family business, with owners Annette and Steve taking great delight in creating individually tailored decoration packages just for your special occasion! Specific and personal requests are an everyday part of the service, with outstanding attention to detail.

If you live in or around Perth and have been searching for something unique to make your event or celebration truly memorable then Flamingos for Celebrations is the solution. Whether it’s an adults or kids birthday party, themed party (Tropical, Hawaiian, Mad Hatters party etc), garden party, wedding or engagement party, then Flamingos for Celebrations have a range of decorations for hire to suit your special occasion.

We have the most novel range of party and event decorations for hire in Perth, WA, sure to get all of your guests talking, and make it something that they will never forget!  Our surprise displays can be set up on your front lawn, at work, or at a location of your choosing – for example, just imagine the look on the face of your loved one when they step outside to a lawn covered in bears & hearts for a romantic marriage proposal or your child when they are greeted with a flock of flamingos or a colony of penguins!

Our event displays are usually set up secretively very early in the morning to surprise your loved one, co-worker or friend!

Our party/event decoration hire costs start from as little as $160 per day, which includes delivery, setup and removal. We think the results are priceless!

Why not contact us today so that we can help plan the right decorations for your next special event or party?